Summary of frequently asked questions about products

How does the monitoring mold system judge ?
Under the setting conditions, it judges with a brightness difference in set area.
Is it necessary to set sensitivity for each set area ?
One sensitivity is set then each set area is set appropriate sensitivity automatically.
Is it possible to monitor transparent molded parts(lens or medical parts) ?
It is possible to monitor the visible things even transparency.
Is it possible to monitor what size of short shot ?
Depending on mold size or molded parts, but it's possible to detect a short shot of the 0.25mm size as refference in a set area of 900 millimeters(In case of 1.5 megapixel CCD camera).
Is it affected by the shadow of the crane or sun light in the mold plant ?
We adopt the software that is not affected by the agitation light or the other peripheral environmental changes.
And we adopt the Halogen light that is hard to be affected.
Is the monitored mold size limited ?
No it's not limited. The monitoring area is changeable freely by selecting of the camera lens.。
Is it possible to use properly one monitoring system for plural molding machine if necssary ?
Yes it's possible to wire to the molding machine for the monitoring system that should be monitored beforehand.
Where shoud we install the camera and the main unit in ?
The camera is installed in the space by the stand of the magnet base.
The main body can be installed by hooking on the injection machine.
Can we support high cycle molding ?
It is also possible to mold for 1 second.
How many molded parts can be watching ?
Depending on the product and die structure, there is a track record of handling up to 128 items with one camera.

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